Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile/Self Storage

How does the mobile storage work?
Simple! We can deliver our large (7.5' x 19.5') units anywhere you need storage. If you want to load the unit at your place and store it at our facility we can accomodate that.

How do you deliver your mobile units?
We use a very unique delivery method. Our mini forklift "HQ-D2" can drive a container anywhere you need it. Front yard, back yard, steep driveways, lawns.... no problem! We specialize in challenging deliveries.

How does on-site storage work?
Just like any traditional storage facility. Drive up access 24 hrs per day. Currently we have three sizes of self storage.

How do I lease a unit?
Both mobile and self storage can be leased on our website. Enter your personal info, choose your unit and E-sign your contract. Upon signing you will be emailed/text all required info to instantly access your unit. Gate code and Unit lock combination will be provided.

How does billing work?
Unilke our competitors we provide pro-rated move-ins. Meaning you only pay for the days you use your unit for. All payments are automatically withdrawn every month so you dont have to worry about paying your bill.
*See lease agreement for details.

Special Event Lockers

I am a Promoter interested in having Storage HQ attend my event?
Please contact us at We are always excited to be attending new events. We take care of all staffing and logistics, just tell us where to park our container. As a value added, we offer a free bike lock up service and can provide mobile storage units to store your events supplies or merchandise.

What is the service your providing? We provide lockers of various sizes to secure your personal belongings. You can find us at concerts, running races or any large gathering. We also offer device charging cables in some of our lockers.

Where do I sign up?  You can register and move in online or in person at our front desk. 

What type of payments do you take? Reservations and Online bookings are required to be paid with credit card. Walk up customers can pay cash or credit.

How do I gain access to the container?
All customers are given a bracelet granting them access to our shipping container which houses the lockers. If you have registered online you must see our staff to obtain a bracelet.

Whats the the code for my locker? You select your own code once your items have been placed in the locker. We suggest using the last 4 digits of your phone number so you don’t forget. 
What if I forget my code? See our helpful staff and they can open your locker with a master key. 
What if I forget to remove my things at the end of the day? Please email As per your contract you will be charged a $10 fee to retrieve your items the next day.